Cooking with Herbs and Spices

photo of sweet basil leaves

How To Grow and Use Sweet Basil

Sweet basil, also known as basilie and basiliekruid, originated in India, where it is regarded as a herb sacred to the gods Krishna and Vishnu. It is thought to protect against evil and every Hindu is buried with a leaf of basil - a tulasi - on his … [Read More...]

chervil in flower

How To Make Your Own Fines Herbes Blend

One single herb can make the world of difference to any dish but when herbs are used in combination with each other, the effects can be even more delicious. Some herbs work well together, their flavours blending and complementing each other. One such … [Read More...]

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potted herbs lighten up a doorway
Bouquet Garni Herb Stand
winter hardy herbs and vegetables
potted herbs on a window sill
buying herbs and spices at the market
herbs and spices at the market
Chef tasting a great flavour combination.