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borage and cucumber salad

15 Borage Recipes and Serving Ideas

Beverages and Drinks with Borage To flavour a glass of tomato juice or cocktail add 1 tablespoon minced young borage leaves. Add borage flowers when serving alcoholic drinks and fruit drinks. Especially good with a claret cup. Add borage leaves and … [Read More...]

hyssop flower

Cooking with Hyssop

Plus¬†7 of Our Favourite Hyssop Recipes We hope these hyssop recipes and cooking tips will stimulate your imagination. Some of these recipes you will recognize, others might sound too adventurous. Our only intention here is to show you how easy it … [Read More...]

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photo of borage flowers
Bouquet Garni Herb Stand
flat leaf parsley
Potted herbs make wonderful gifts.
herbs and spices at the market
A home-made bouquet garni made with fresh herbs is a powerful flavour-building tool. Photo source: iStockPhoto
Chef tasting a dish flavoured with herbs and spices.
Parsley Drawing