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7 Hand Made Herbal Gift Ideas

Potted herbs make wonderful gifts.
Potted herbs make wonderful gifts.

Making your own gifts for loved ones is satisfying to create and delightful to receive. Add some herbs from your garden and you have a magical ingredient that shows you care.

The secrets are to give yourself enough time to make the gifts, to use only the best ingredients, and to be clever in matching the gift to the recipient.

Dad generally doesn’t appreciate sandalwood bath salts or granny a bottle of fiery hot pickled chillies – unless she’s quite a gal!

A well-made Christmas gift is probably the most personal gift you can give, because it has taken up a lot more of your time and thought than taking out your credit card and buying up the store.

Here are 7 gifts you can make yourself:

Don’t have time to make your own? Check these out:

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