About us

Hello, and welcome to Eco Herb online store. Thank you for your interest.

Here’s what we are all about.

We have started Eco Herb online store in the beginning of the 2016, with the aim to create an online garden centre, where you can buy all your needed gardening products, without the hassle of driving to a garden centre or shopping mall.

As the months past by, and receiving numerous request to stock certain products, we now have an extensive product line, that include eco friendly products, from herbs & spices, to health & beauty products.

We are very proud of what we have achieved with Eco Herb, and we try our best every single day to give you our visitor, the best experience you could possibly get.

Please send an email, about your experience, and should you wish to see any  of your favorite products in our store please let us know.

Your sincerely
Arné Hoffman