About our Contributors

Bouquet Garni Nursery is a boutique plant nursery specializing in potted herbs, edible plants and ornamental topiaries.

The content of  the Bouquet Garni website is mostly a sociable celebration of flavour by a family of amateur cooks who loves cooking great food and sharing it with family and friends, and with you, our fellow foodie.

Because they don’t cook for a living, the call themselves amateurs – even though they all had professional cooking training to some degree.

They are all passionate about aromatics – herbs and spices in particular – and how to use them to create memorable dishes.

They all love trying new ways of cooking with herbs. And they all love spending time in nature; and in friendly gatherings with family and friends around a cooking pot or two.

But that’s just about where the similarities between them end.

Di-Di’s the herb grower, food gardener, tree hugger and paper-book bookworm – of anything except fiction. There’s irony in that; He’s often told.

He’s a curious cook and when cooking from a recipe he literally follows every single direction. He measures everything out, cooks exactly the way they say for as long as they say, and try to experience what they are trying to teach him.

Teresa’s the harvester – admittedly, only when the crops are not ready yet or meant for seed-saving – and the one who sneaks photos of the family and then shares them with whoever is interested. She’s a real arty type – and exceptionally good at it.

She cooks with love and from her heart. A recipe is only a theme in her hands and like a musician she’ll play it each time with a different variation.

Arnè stays out of the garden – and the plants are very grateful for that. He’s an industrious and adventurous cook and he’ll attempt a new flavour combination or the 5 page recipe with thirty ingredients and fifty steps with the same ease and enthusiasm. And leave someone else with the mess to clean up.

He cooks with precision and good technique and will follow a recipe to the letter the first time round. Then he’ll either dump the recipe or file it if it’s great, and try something new next time he cooks.

But enough said about them.

How about you? What type of cook and gardener are you?

Why don’t you join us as we explore and discover how to flavour the cooking pot, grow for it, heal with it and share from it?