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1 356+ Fabulous Flavour Combinations

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Chef tasting a great flavour combination.
Download your guide to culinary creativity based on classic flavour combinations. Photo credit: iStockPhoto

The Foodies Essential Guide to
Seasoning With Herbs and Spices

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best way to prepare herbs and spices, and what goes with what you’ll be delighted with this publication.

With more than 1 356 fabulous flavour combinations it will soon become your favourite guide to culinary creativity.

Highlights include:

  • 2 Aromatic Cheat Sheets
  • 33 Holy Grail Pairings
  • 527 Classic Flavour Pairs
  • 632 Duets Made in Heaven
  • 197 Fresh Herb Pairings
  • 21 Flavour Combinations to Avoid

Download Feast on Flavour Guidebook (File size = 458kb)

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