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Video: Making Healthier Salad Dressings

healthy salad dressing videoFor healthier salad dressings substitute the vinegar with lemon juice. It adds loads of vitamin C, minerals and limonene – a phytochemical that shows promising anticancer activities. It also improves the flavour of the herbs; vinegar has an overpowering tendency.

Also substitute the seed oil with the best quality olive oil you can afford for better flavour and for healthy omega-9’s. Ot use fat-free yoghurt for a zero fat salad dressing.

And don’t forget to go really overboard on the fresh herbs, especially garlic and parsley, to give your immune system a really good boost.

Here’s Jamie Oliver’s Zero Fat Salad Dressing. He uses fat free yoghurt, hot English mustard and basil to make a really delicious and healthy salad dressing.

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