How to buy

Step 1: Choose your products, and add to basket. You can either click on the bastek indicated on the product image or, go into the product and choose to add from basket from there.

Step 2: After choosing your products that you want to purchase, go to your basket, and then checkout.

Step 3: The checkout page will now appear, where you will see a detailed page of your products, shipping methods available and the total cost. First enter your billing/shipping address. Then your shipping methods will automatically calculate cost according to your address.

Step 4: Choose your preferred shipping method, click on accept terms and conditions, and then place order.

Step 5: Then a “pay for order” page will appear, where you can choose your preferred paymnet option, which is either credit/cheques card or instant EFT. Choose your option and follow guided steps to make payment. Below is a video to guide you through the payment process.

Please contact our office should you have any questions, or need quick guidance:
079 897 0349
[email protected]