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Making Lavender Sugar

lavender sugar
Lavender sugar is for the discerning sweet tooth.

If you have a discerning sweet tooth, you’ll love lavender sugar.

Like the scent of rose geranium, the smell of lavender reminds me of my grandmother’s garden, kitchen, closets and drawers. She had it tucked away everywhere.

She also infused sugar with the perfume of lavender and used it in shortbread, sprinkled over a sponge cake or stirred into berries.

I’ve expanded on granny’s uses a bit and love using it with pancakes, cheese cakes and cakes. It also makes a nice gift to show your appreciation and can also been made into gifts for wedding guests.

The recipe is still granny’s and couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Pick your lavender flowers and stalks and let them wilt slightly to ensure that they are completely dry.
  2. Pack them in a jar and layer with sugar, either normal granulated white sugar or castor sugar for a finer texture.
  3. Seal and decorate the top with some dried lavender flowers.