Our Famous 100% Guarantee

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When Danie and Ria Hoffman decided to turn their passion for culinary herbs into a business in 1978, Bouquet Garni Nursery became South Africa’s first commercial potted herb grower.

The family business continues today, with the aim to inspire you to discover and develop your own savoir faire for Bouquet Garni Cuisine Organique.

Bouquet Garni Cuisine Organique roughly translates to organic herb cuisine. Bouquet Garni is the French term for a bundle of herbs and symbolizes our passion for fresh produce, the vitality of herbs and the sumptuous flavours of organic cuisine. In other words, we are all about cooking for flavour and health.

Savoir faire is a French term for ‘know how’ or as used in culinary circles ‘the Touch of the Chef’. Our savoir faire also expands to the way we grow our herbs. We believe vibrantly healthy plants provide improved flavour and health giving properties. This starts with healthy soil and we go to great lengths to ensure our organic growing practices promote abundant soil life.

Bouquet Garni plants are nurtured to ensure quick establishment and a high survival rate when transplanted. An added bonus is that you inoculate your soil with the beneficial soil microbes present in our potting mix.

But what happens should one of your Bouquet Garni herbs turn up its toes and dies?

Since 1978 we’ve backed our herbs with a 100% replacement guarantee. And we still do. Simply take the dead herb back to your garden centre for a replacement (they might ask for proof of purchase). It’s as easy as that.

You risk nothing when you grow a Bouquet Garni Herb.