25L Bokashi food waste recycling kit


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Recycling made easy with Earth Probiotic’s 25L food waste recycling kits:

Kit includes 2 x 25L food waste recycling bin PLUS 2kg Earth Bokashi bran.

Using Earth Bokashi you can quickly and safely recycle ALL your food waste in your own home.

Simply collect your food waste (including cooked or uncooked meat, bones, fish and dairy)and layer it with Earth Bokashi inside the airtight digester bin. Approximately 2.5L of food waste to one handful of Earth Bokashi.

Once full leave to stand sealed for two weeks and then add to your existing compost heap or bin, trench into soil or feed to a worm farm.

Within 8-12 you will have a nutrient rich compost for your garden.

No more smelly bins and no more flies!

Plus by diverting your waste from landfill you are doing your bit for the planet – saving 235Kg’s of CO2E per ton you recycle.


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