MAXI DIY Grassland Garden Hamper & Planting Plan


Eco friendly Grassland garden hamper. Perfect to plant in May and June.

For Gauteng customers only to collect at Pretoria depot.

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NOTE: This product is for collection only, from our Pretoria depot.

MAXI DIY Grassland Garden Hamper contains a planting plan and 80 plants (24 indigenous species) to create a 15 square meter high biodiversity grassland garden that will be a haven for both humans and wildlife.

Plants were specifically selected for attracting a variety of wildlife, as well as for creating a visually pleasing grassland garden in a small space.

The hamper covers 15 square meters (3 meter x 5 meter). Use it as is in a small garden, or adapt the dimensions to suit your area. In bigger gardens use the MAXI DIY Hamper as your initial grassland planting canvas, or simply get more than one hamper to cover a larger area.

Cultural Requirements:

Best Planting Time: Anytime of the year but Autumn is probably the best time.

Gardening Experience: Beginner

Climate: Highveld and Bushveld. Cold hardy.

Position: Full Sun

Area: About 15 square meter (3 x 5 meter)

Water: Waterwise = Drought Resilient Plants

Call our Help Lines 079 897 0349  if you have questions, or if you’d like to bounce around ideas for adapting the DIY hamper to your available area.

Plant Palette:


#1 Aristida junciformis (2 lt) x 5. Evergreen. Plant at back or on sides
#2 Loudetia simplex (2 lt) x 5. Medium size. Very nice seeds
#3 Sporobolus stapfianus (2 lt) x 5. Small plant – plant in front. Group
#4 Kylinga alba (2 lt) x 5. Quite small. Very long flowering season.
#5 Melinis nerviglumis (2 lt) x 5. Flowers very nice. Medium-sized
#6 Andropogon eucomis (2 lt) x 5. Plant at back. Seed looks like snow flakes.


#7 Scabiosa columbaria (3 lt) x 5. Plant close to taller grass for support. Attract butterflies.
#8 Dianthus mooiensis (2 lt) x 5. Plant close to taller grass for support. Attract butterflies.
#9 Ocimum obovatum (3 lt) x 5. Plant amongst smaller grasses. Flowers are beautiful.
#10 Crossandra greenstockii (3 lt) x 3. Plant amongst smaller grasses. Orange flowers make it very prominent.
#11 Haplocarpa scaposa (3 lt) x 3. Flower stalks quite tall and conspicuous. Often visited by beetles and honey bees.
#12 Geigeria burkei (3 lt) x 3. Fairly small with fine leaves. A good companion plant that brings variety.


#13 Eucomis autumnalis (3 lt) x 2. Plant amongst small to medium grasses. Feature plant that is typical of the Grasslands.
#14 Gladiolus dalenii (3 lt) x 3. Flowers early autumn when not much else is in flower. Many colour variations. Attract birds.
#15 Hypoxis hemerocallidea (2 lt) x 3. Leaves very conspicuous and unusual. Flowers are visited by bees and other pollinators.


#16 Aloe greatheadii (4 lt) x 2.  Very common in the Grasslands. Attract birds and honey bees.
#17 Aloe cooperi (2 lt) x 2. Plant amongst taller grasses. Attract birds.
#18 Delosperma cooperii (2 lt) x 2. Compact groundcover. Attract a variety of polinators.
#19 Stapelia gigantea (4 lt) x 2. Very large and unusual flowers. Attract a variety of polinators.
#20 Khadia acutipetala (3 lt) x 2. Shrub-like vygie. Very popular as a garden plant.

Small Shrubs

#21 Myrsine africana (2 lt) x 2. Sun or semi-shade. Very slow growing. Attract birds
#22 Trichodesma physaloides (3 lt) x 2. Flowers very early in spring. Very unusual and rare.
#23 Mundulea sericea (5 lt) x 2. Plant at the back. Can reach 3 m. Full sun. Attract birds and butterflies.
#24 Barleria pretoriensis (3 lt) x 2. Blue flowers very distinct and abundant.

NB: We can assist with implementation and design of your grassland garden.