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So Matcha Organic Culinary Grade is certified organic by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard). It is blended with Nibancha (the second tea harvest of the year) and high grade tea of the autumn harvest. It keeps it’s mellow taste and bright green colour even when used for baked goods and contains no additives, only 100% matcha green tea.

So Matcha Organic Culinary Grade contains all the benefits of So Matcha Superior Grade but because of the different cultivating methods used the taste and colour of the matcha is less refined and it is more suitable for blending and baking.

You can use your organic culinary matcha for matcha lattes, blending smoothies and making ice-cream as well as using it in baking recipes to add a green colour.
    100% pure green tea leaves from Kyoto, Japan
      100g = 90 – 100 servings (depending on how much you use in your recipes)

        We recommend you store your matcha in a cool, dry and dark place, you can also keep it in the refrigerator after opening. Make sure all the air is out of the bag before sealing the zip-lock.


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