Shade Loving, Waterwise, Low Maintenance Indigenous Plant Hamper


Create a small low maintenance, waterwise, indigenous shade garden that provides year-round visual interest and attracts birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

Note: This product cannot be delivered. For collection only from our Pretoria depot. For more info call 079 897 0349 or email



The Shade Loving, Waterwise, Low Maintenance Indigenous Plant Hamper, contains 15 indigenous species (49 plants) to create a small 9 – 10 square meter high biodiversity shade garden that will be a haven for both humans and wildlife.

When you collect your hamper we’ll spend some time with you to give you a planting plan and ideas for planting the hamper in your garden.

The 15 indigenous plants were specifically selected for:

  • Year round visual interest and many have fragrant flowers and medicinal properties.
  • Attracting a variety of birds, butterflies, and pollinators.
  • Creating a visually pleasing shade garden in a small space.
  • Low maintenance when established.
  • Shade tolerance, cold hardiness and drought resilience.

The hamper will cover an area of 9 – 10 square meter (3 meter x 3 meter). Call our helplines if you’d like to adapt the hamper to suit your area.

Cultural Requirements:

Best Planting Time: Anytime of the year.

Gardening Experience: Beginner

Climate: Highveld and Bushveld. Frost Hardy.

Area: About 3 x 3 meter.

Position: Semi-Shade to Shade. Can be under a tree or on the Eastern or Southern side of the house.

Water: Waterwise = Drought Resilient Plants

Call our Help Lines 079 897 0349  if you have questions, or if you’d like to bounce around ideas for adapting the DIY hamper to your available area.

Plant Palette


#1 Dwarf Pineapple Lily Eucomis humulis (3 lt) x 3. Fragrant flowers and medicinal properties. Striking when in flower.
#2 Large Red Iris Freesia grandiflora (2 lt) x 5. Fragrant flowers. Provides winter colour and interest.
#3 White Paintbrush Haemanthus albiflos (2 lt) x 3.  Flowers attracts butterflies and bees. Has medicinal properties.
#4 Leopard Lily Ledebouria petiolata (3 lt) x 5. Fragrant flowers attract bees. Plant at the front of the bed.
#5 Paintbrush Scadoxus puniceus (2 lt) x 3. Striking flowers. Attract bees and birds. Has medicinal properties.


#6 Broad-leaved Bristle Grass Setaria megaphylla (2 lt) x 5. Seeds attracts birds.


#7 Fairy Crassula Crassula multicava (2 lt) x 5. Attract bees and other pollinators. Has medicinal properties.
#8 Giant Chlorophytum Chlorophytum bowkeri (3 lt)  x 3. Provides visual interest. Attracts pollinators.
#9 Wood Iris Dietes flavida (2 lt) x 5. Provides visual interest. Attracts pollinators.
#10 Mother-in-law’s Tongue Sansevieria aethiopica (2 lt) x 3. Provides contrast and visual interest. Attracts pollinators.
#11 Wild Ginger Siphinochilus aethiopicus (5 lt) x 1. Fragrant flowers. A very rare indigenous plant. Give it a special spot.


#12 Rock Bush Violet Barleria saxatillis (2 lt) x 2. Must have butterfly plant. Plant in the sunnier spots.
#13 Bird’s Brandy Lantana rugosa (3 lt) x 2. Must have bird and butterfly plant. Plant in the sunnier spots.


#14 Carrion Flower Orbea lutea (2 lt) x 2. Attracts pollinators. Striking when in flower. Plant towards the front of the bed.
#15 Bell Stapelia Stapelia leendertziae (2 lt) x 2. Attracts pollinators. Striking when in flower. Plant towards the front of the bed.