Tomato Brandywine Blend




Dating back to 1885, Brandywine is the heirloom tomato standard. If its name hasn’t won you over already, rest assured that this variety has superb flavour and comes in luscious shades. The plants are distinguished by their dark green, potato-leaved foliage; and like any great alcoholic beverage, they mature slowly. Production increases later in summer and the vining plants should be staked.

The Brandywine is a classic beefsteak tomato, legendary for its deliciously rich flavour. It has a buttery texture and works beautifully in most dishes. 


  • Sow in spring and summer, min temp 20C
  • Sow in full sun, space plants 60 x 60cm
  • Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days and grow to 120cm
  • Harvest in 80-110 days