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Rosemary for Remembrance

rosemary in a big pot
Rosemary does exceptionally well in pots, big and small.

Thinking about something special to give to a loved one?

Why not give one of nature’s most amazing little miracles? A rosemary plant.

A symbol of friendship, loyalty, and remembrance, rosemary is traditionally carried by mourners at funerals and by the bride at her wedding.

Greek scholars wore garlands of rosemary when they were sitting examinations, to improve their memory and concentration.

In the 14th century Queen Izabella of Hungary claimed that, at the age of 72, when crippled with gout and rheumatism, she had so regained her strength and beauty by using Hungary water (rosemary tops macerated in alcohol) that the King of Poland proposed to her.

In Hamlet, Ophelia gives Hamlet a sprig, saying, “There’s rosemary … for remembrance.”

The most important health benefit of rosemary is the fact that she is one of our richer sources of antioxidants. And antioxidants help to preserve our health and vitality and to prevent cancer.

So why not give that special person in your life a rosemary as a token of your love… and to help them stay healthy and beautiful?