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14 Quick Soup Tips and Ideas

blog post title 14 quick soup tips

  1. Soup is one of the oldest, most nutritious, varied and international of dishes.
  2. Soups can help to stretch your food budget by using perfectly good leftover foods in a new tasty dish.
  3. A cup of soup makes a delicious, nutritious snack.
  4. A cup or bowl of soup plus a sandwich or salad makes a light meal.
  5. In a hurry? Use your favourite condensed soup. Add extra frozen or canned vegetables and leftover cooked meat or cooked dry beans.
  6. Ingredients for soup can include foods from several of the food groups.
  7. Soups can provide high quality protein, fiber, and vitamins needed for good health.
  8. Homemade soups can be lower in salt than canned soups if you use herbs for flavouring instead of salt.
  9. Try your soups as starters, main dishes and side dishes with a healthy home-made salad.
  10. If you won’t be eating the soup right after you have prepared it, or you have leftover soup, chill by setting pot of hot soup in a sink filled with ice and water. Stir often until soup stops steaming. Put soup in smaller containers and store in refrigerator right away. Use within 3-4 days.
  11. Freeze soup for longer storage. Leave 2-3 cm head space at top of container, because liquids expand as they freeze. Seal and label with relevant information.
  12. Thaw frozen soups in the refrigerator or microwave. Do not thaw on the kitchen counter.
  13. To reheat soup, cook over low heat to a boil. Add water if the soup is too thick.
  14. Garnishes greatly enhance the appearance and taste of a soup – particularly if you insist on using instant and canned soups. Apart from herbs and spices try the following:
    – Crisp bacon: remove the rind, cut the bacon into small pieces and fry until crisp. This is delicious on bean, tomato and potato soups.
    – Crisp fried onion rings for flavour and texture.
    – Add a dollop of yogurt, cream or sour cream just before serving.
    – Serve crushed ice in cold soups.
    – Grated cheese – cheddar, Parmesan or blue cheese – can change the character of your soup dramatically.

Garnishes will make your soup look beautiful, and the perfect garnish will add a whole new dimension to each mouthful. It does wonders for any kind of soup.

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