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Download Your Free Executive Chef Flavour Cheat Sheets

Cook like a Master Chef with these Executive Chef Flavour Cheat Sheets

Simply a MUST HAVE resource for home cooks and professional chefs and bloggers. It’s like having a personal master chef at your side saying: ‘Hey, why not try THIS?‘ – Di-Di Hoffman

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best way to prepare herbs and spices, and what goes with what you’ll be delighted with this publication.

Highlights include:

 icon-check-square-o “What goes with…” cheat sheets
 21 bad flavour combinations to avoid
 33 Holy Grail flavour pairings
 Indulge in 1 159 flavour duets made in heaven
 Play Cupid – match up the Flavour Pals
 How to Extract Maximum Flavour from herbs and spices

Visit the Herb Academy’s Cooking With Herbs and Spices Mini-Masterclass to download the cheat sheets.

Chef tasting a great flavour combination.
Download your guide to culinary creativity based on classic Executive Chef flavour combinations.
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